Turck Mini-Fast Electrical Connection for Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations

Core Sensors is now offering the Turck Mini-Fast integral connector on all Class I, Division 2 approved model families including the CS50, CS51 and CS54. The Turck Mini-Fast allows for quick installation via a threaded connection and does not require the use of conduit. In addition to making installation simpler, the Mini-Fast connector is a high strength, robust connection option offering a minimum IP66 rating.

Pressure Transducer Temperature Specifications: An Overview

A common concern is the performance of the transducer in various temperature conditions. Temperature is an important specification as it has a direct effect on the accuracy of the transducer. In this article we will discuss the different temperature specifications that are commonly found on our datasheets and how to interpret them.

How to: Selecting a Pressure Sensor / Transducer / Transmitter

Pressure sensors/transducers/transmitters are offered with a wide variety of configurable options, sizes and approvals. This can make selecting the proper pressure sensor for your application difficult. This how to guide will help you identify the key pieces of information that are needed in order to select the most appropriate sensor.