Miniature High Temperature Pressure Sensor

The HTP series miniature pressure sensor uses a fully active four arm Wheatstone bridge, dieletrically isolated Silicon on Sapphire sensing element based on proprietary technology. An operating temperature range of -195 to +204°C makes this sensor ideal for extreme temperature applications from cryogenics to engine compartments. The miniature design allows for installation in confined spaces. A typical full scale output of 125mV at 10VDC excitation provides a large amount of usable output for simplifying signal conditioning. An optional independent PT1000 temperature output offers additional measurement capabilities in a single compact sensor.

  • Features
    • ≤ ± 0.15% BFSL accuracy
    • Pressures up to 30,000 PSI
    • High strength titanium BT9 sensing element
    • Operating temperature from -195 to +204°C
  • Common Applications
    • Test Stands
    • Autosports
    • Aerospace Controls
    • Cryogenics