Downhole Pressure Sensor

The DHP series miniature pressure sensor uses a fully active four arm Wheatstone bridge, dieletrically isolated Silicon on Sapphire sensing element based on proprietary technology. The CS-DHP is designed to withstand the high pressure, high temperature environments that are common in downhole oil & gas exploration. The compact design allows for installation in downhole tools without sacrificing space. Standard offering includes a 3/8″-24 UNF-2A process connection, uncompensated millivolt output signal, 12.5mm diameter housing and solder hooks. Integral high temperature cable can be added on request. A PT1000 temperature output is available for further measurement capabilities.

  • Features
    • ≤ ± 0.15% BFSL accuracy
    • Pressures from 5,000 to 30,000 PSI
    • High strength titanium BT9 sensing element
    • Operating temperature from -195 to +204C
  • Common Applications
    • Measurement While Drilling (MWD)
    • Logging While Drilling (LWD)
    • Oil & Gas Exploration
    • Wellhead Measurements